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Raw Carbon Nanotubes vs DexMat Carbon Nanotube Products

July 27, 2018

CNT Yarn taps Nerves for Electroceutical Treatments and Diagnostics

(Nanowerk News) Ingested or injected pharmaceuticals can target specific molecules involved in disease processes, but ... July 27, 2018

Physicists Developing Carbon Nanotube Clothing to Charge Batteries

Engineers with the University of Cincinnati are leveraging a partnership with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to create ... July 27, 2018

Scientists fine-tune carbon nanotubes for flexible terahertz imagers

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed flexible terahertz imagers based on chemically "tunable" ... July 27, 2018

New Technique Produces Electronic Smart Fabrics at Industrial Scales

New Knitting Technique Produces Electronic Smart Fabrics at Industrial Scales Meet the bike shorts of the future. July 24, 2018

Carbon Nanotube Fibers for Military Textile Batteries

Carbon Nanotubes Could Provide the Military With Battery-Power in Textiles July 24, 2018

eTextile Wristband Controls Small Household Appliances

Video: Watch a simple fabric wristband control small household appliances July 24, 2018

Electrical Interconnect Applications for Carbon Nanotubes in Military Aerospace Systems

Flexible, lightweight, and versatile CNTs are becoming a valuable material in conductor applications for the military ... July 23, 2018

Mil-Aero Industries Eye Carbon Nanotubes as They Target Cost Savings

Ultra-lightweight carbon nanotubes may replace copper wires. Today’s aerospace and aircraft industries focus on size, ... July 23, 2018
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