Carbon Nanotube Tape as Lightweight EMI Shielding

Carbon Nanotube Tape as Lightweight EMI Shielding

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In this video we explain how DexMat's carbon nanotube (CNT) tape has been used to replace the two EMI copper shielding braids typically used in RG316 cables. The performance of DexMat prototypes matches standard RG316 performance, while reducing the total weight of the cable by 50%!

The shielding effectiveness and insertion loss results for the CNT and Cu shielded cables are shown below. The CNT tape shielded cables have the following advantages:

  • Overall RG-316 cable weight reduction of CNT shielded vs. Cu double braid shielded cable without connectors is over 50%
  • CNT tape shield is 100 microns thick compared to 500 micron thick Cu double braid shield
  • Easy to apply CNT tape to coaxial as well as twisted pair type cables
  • Wide range of CNT tape widths and lengths are available for purchase
  • CNT tape shielded cables survive at least 1000 flex cycles with a minimum bend radius of at least 7.5X the jacketed cable diameter

CNT Tape Vs Copper Braid as EMI Shield


Specification Sheet: DexMat fiber, tape, and cable specs Dec-2018

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