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Green-Scaling Nanotechnology in Houston's Advanced Materials Sector

  June 17, 2022

Carbon Nanotube Yarn Touch Sensor

DexMat carbon nanotube yarn is conductive, durable, flexible, and lightweight – so naturally, we are excited about its ... March 16, 2020

Damaged Hearts Rewired with Carbon Nanotube Fibers

Today we want to share the following press release from Rice University in order to shine a spotlight on a ... August 13, 2019

Flexible CNT Antennas from Rice University

  HOUSTON – (June 10, 2019) – Antennas made of carbon nanotube films are just as efficient as copper for wireless ... June 11, 2019

DexMat CNT Tape Shielded Cables Offer 50% Weight Reduction

Houston, TX- 12/11/2018. Working in collaboration with Minnesota Wire & Cable Company, DexMat has produced carbon ... December 11, 2018

Badminton Racket Strung with CNT Yarn

This is no ordinary badminton racket! The strings are made entirely out of DexMat CNT yarn, offering superior ... September 24, 2018

Flexible Loudspeakers Made of Nanowires

  By  Dexter Johnson August 04, 2018

CNT Yarn taps Nerves for Electroceutical Treatments and Diagnostics

(Nanowerk News) Ingested or injected pharmaceuticals can target specific molecules involved in disease processes, but ... July 27, 2018

Physicists Developing Carbon Nanotube Clothing to Charge Batteries

Engineers with the University of Cincinnati are leveraging a partnership with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to create ... July 27, 2018

Scientists fine-tune carbon nanotubes for flexible terahertz imagers

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed flexible terahertz imagers based on chemically "tunable" ... July 27, 2018

Carbon Nanotube Yarn as Conductive Textile Thread

July 28, 2017
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